MeYou Admin @admin
23 May, 07:14
So this guy acquires a parrot from his friend. He takes it home and later in the day he hears the parrot cursing loudly. So he takes the parrot out of the cage, holding him by the neck and tells him to stop cursing, no more talking that way, then puts him back in the cage. Later in the day the parrot is heard cursing loudly again with no stopping. So the guy grabs him again by the neck and said I told you no cursing and took him over to his freezer and through him in. Two hours later he went back to get his parrot and asked him if hed learned his lesson yet. The parrot answered him and said - aw aw aw all I wa wa wanna know i i is wa wa what did th th the turkey do!

#parrot #jokes #turkey #instatel

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